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Climographer 1.0
Software for plotting climographs.



Climographer is a program for generating climographs for geography and Earth science education.

Users produce climographs by clicking on a map or entering latitude and longitude coordinates. Users can choose units for temperature (degrees Celsius, Farenheit, or Kelvin) and precipitation (centimeters or inches) and can save climographs as GIF or JPEG files, with or without the map.

The underlying data are from Leemans and Cramer (1992).* Climographs represent average values for 1 deg. x 1 deg. grid cells. Data files are in WorldWatcher format (visit the GEODE web site for information on WorldWatcher data visualization software for inquiry-based learning).

To install Climographer, download and unzip this file navigate to the "Web Installers" folder and select the appropriate installer for your operating system (Mac OS, Windows, or Unix). Climographer is a Java program that requires a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed on your computer. Links for downloading an appropriate JVM package will appear during the installation process.

Climographer is freeware and may be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes free of charge.

*R. Leemans and W.P. Cramer. 1992. IIASA Database for Mean Monthly Values of Temperature, Precipitation and Cloudiness on a Global Terrestrial Grid. Digital Raster Data on a 30 minute Geographic (lat/long) grid. In: Global Ecosystems Database Version 1.0: Disc A. Bouler, CO: NOAA NAtional Geophysical Data Center. [First published in 1991.]

Climographer was designed and is distributed by Duane Griffin and written by Eric Russell with support from the National Science Foundation (DGE-00-04057).

Duane Griffin
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Eric Russell
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