Change-oriented Bucknell Alumni
May Symposium


Reintroduction / ‘alternative reunion’ event -
   May 2 - 4 


shamokin downtown

Bucknell is different from when you were here – and so are you. Let’s talk. There are more than a dozen offcial campus programs and offices dedicated to social change, that might not have been here when you were. See 'Change-oriented Programs' page.




We know of former students working in: public health, environmental law, land conservation, food access, food sustainability, community-centered education at every level, international development, community organization, public-interest law, local politics, planning, historic preservation, fair housing, journalism, teaching, research & scholarship.




You might be one of these people – or have a deep affinity for their activities.




We are planning a reunion – an alternative reunion – to bring some of these folks back to Bucknell. 


- We’d like to hear about your successes.
- We’d like to get Bucknellians like you back in touch with each other.
- We’d like to share about how things have gotten better at Bucknell for students with progressive and community-oriented goals.
- We’d like your ideas on how to make Bucknell even stronger in seeking these goals.

We will gather on campus on May 2 - 4, 2014 in Academic West, the handsome, new, and sort-of-green social sciences building




Email Susan Warner-Mills,, to learn details as they develop