Monitoring Parameters

Water quality in the river is being measured using a YSI 6600 V2-4 sonde connected to a NexSens 3100 iSIC datalogger equipped with cellular telemetry.

The sondes measure the following parameters every 5 minutes:

  • Water temperature (Temp, °C)
  • Specific conductance (Sp Cond, uS/cm - measure of total dissolved salts in the water)
  • Depth (meters)
  • pH
  • Oxidation-Reduction potential (ORP, mV)
  • Turbidity (Turb+, NTU - a measure of water clarity, high numbers mean less clear)
  • Chlorophyll (ug/L - a measure of algae in the water column)
  • % saturation of dissolved oxygen (ODOSat - proportion of oxygen in water relative to amount if saturated)
  • Dissolved oxygen concentration (ODO, mg/L)
  • Battery life (Bat)

This project is a collaborative effort among scientists in the Susquehanna River Heartland Coalition for Environmental Studies, and includes faculty and students from:

  • EcoAnalysts, Inc.
        Michael Bilger, aquatic ecologist

  • Susquehanna University
        Dr. Jack Holt, aquatic ecologist
        Dr. Ahmed Lachhab, hydrologist

  • Bloomsburg University
        Dr. Steven Rier, aquatic ecologist
        Dr. Cynthia Venn, aqueous geochemist
        Dr. Chris Hallen, analytical chemist

  • King's College
        Dr. Brian Mangan, aquatic ecologist

  • Lycoming College
        Dr. Mel Zimmerman, aquatic ecologist
        Dr. Peter Petokas, aquatic ecologist

  • Bucknell University
        Dr. Matt McTammany, aquatic ecologist
        Dr. Benjamin Hayes, fluvial geomorphologist
        Dr. Craig Kochel, fluvial geomorphologist


Research is focusing on water chemistry and temperature, sediment loads and physical habitat, and biota (algae, benthic macroinvertebrates, and fish) in the Susquehanna River and selected tributaries in central PA.

Water quality and flow data are currently being collected on the
West Branch Susquehanna River near Milton, the North Branch Susquehanna River near Danville, and the Susquehanna River Confluence near Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.