Cultures at the Confluence

17th-18th Native American Settlements of the Susquehanna River


About the Project

The Susquehanna River dates back to the Paleozoic Era and has been a constant in the region, bearing the marks of centuries and shaping the lifestyles and history of the people within the Susquehanna Valley. The river and its tributaries have provided a sense of place and livelihood from the early 17th century Susquehannock tribes to the present day peoples; as seen in fisheries, agriculture, travel, or simply as a source of relaxation and enjoyment. However, the cultural knowledge and historical resources of the regional communities has dropped with the economic condition of the valley. The goal of the project is to help reconnect the communities to their regional history and sense of place that is tied into physical environment by providing a source of available knowledge and resources. Furthermore, the project will acknowledge the tribes of the Susquehanna Valley that are often overlooked or simply disregarded within other Native American accounts. Utilizing funding by the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust, we are looking to create an on-line website that can serve as a resource for students, citizens, and other scholars to spark further projects in connection with the river and its significance within the region.



Sponsored By: John Ben Snow Memorial Trust Fund