The syllabus should be viewed as tentative, but will provide you with an idea of the general plan for the class. Since this will be the only set of courses you will be enrolled in, we expect you to be on call and prepared for changes as they arise due to weather, availability of guests and visitation opportunities, and other special circumstances.

Bucknell on the Susquehanna will be a suite of four integrated courses:

Typically, we will meet formally M.W,F mornings in class or int he field, and will have day-long field excursions on Thursdays. This will change frequently as circumstances warrant. There will be several multi-day excursions throught the semester, including: 1) 2-3 day river kayak sojourns, 2) several day visit tot he source of teh Susquehanna and the Onondaga Nation, 3) a week on the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic coastal ecosystem, and 4) two weeks in the Pacific Northwest for comparative watershed studies in northern California and Oregon.

Like other Abroad Courses, you will not be able to participate in sports and other normal extra-curricular activities during the semester.


The tentative syllabus can be viewed HERE.