R. Craig Kochel


Department of Geology


Craig is a fluvial geomorphologist, focusing his research on rivers and hillslopes. Much of his work centers on the impact of floods and reconstructing ancient floods - termed paleoflood hydrology. Related work centers on hillslope-channel interactions such as alluvial fans, landslides and debris flows, and avalanches. Craig also studies sediment movement in watersheds, with particular emphasis on the imapcts of land use on rivers. He currently maintains about a dozen stream gages monitoring flow and sediment in triburaties ti the Susquehanna. Much of his current work deals with improving approaches to physical aspects stream restoration throughout the Appalachians. He has active research in the Appalachians, Alaska, western USA, and New Zealand. Craig also works with NASA investigating the evidence for water on Mars and active surface processes on that planet. He will be modelling many of these processes in the Geology's sediment flume.

Craig has been at Bucknell for 20 years, co-directed the Environmental Center for 4 years, and teaches courses in geomorphology, applied environmental geomorphology, environmental geology, environmental geohazards, planetary geology, watershed systems, stream restoration, and natural history of the Susquehanna River. He also is active in the Forum for Religion and Ecology with John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker.

Learn more from Craig's website: http://www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/kochel/


Matthew McTammany

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology and Environmmtal Studies

Matt is an aquatic ecologist who specializes in the biology of rivers and lakes. His primary research centers explores stream ecology and the effects of humans on freshwater ecosystems. Much of his work focuses on water quality and understanding the nature of nutrient cycling in rivers. Matt has active research in various parts of Pennsylvania, including monitoring the quality of the Susquehanna's two main branches with real-time data sensors. Matt is involved in biological aspects of stream restoration at several sites in the Susquehanna watershed. Matt is curently director of the Environmental Center and has a joint appointment with Environmental Studies. Matt has been at Bucknell for 6 years.

Matt teaches courses in limnology, freshwater ecology, population and community ecology, watershed systems, stream restoration, and ecosystem ecology. Matt and Craig co-taught the first two of the Luce-sponsored interdisciplinary courses with the Environmental Center last year.

Learn more from Matt's website: http://www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/mmctamma/


Peter Wilshusen

Associate Professor

Department of Environmental Studies


Peter is a social scientist whose reserach focuses on interactions between humans and the environment. Much of his work is in Latin America where he investigates how local communities and governments work to address societal and ecological goals for land use. He works with some of the major Biosphere Reserves in Central America, helping to preserved corridors for threatened species. Peter co-directed the Environmental center with Craig during its growth years. His research deals with complex social interactions with communities and how they affect conservation planning.


Peter teaches courses in Environemntal Studies. Environmental Planning, Consuming Nature, and Nature, Wealth, and Power. Peter has been at Bucknell for 7 years.


Learn more about Peter at his website: http://www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/pwilshus/