dministration Center

The cornerstone of the Administration Center, which was a wing added to the Vaughan Literature Building (visible at the far right in the photograph), was laid on October 22, 1960. The building, whose entire exterior is identical to that of Coleman Hall, was completed on June 2, 1961. This early photograph was taken before Freas Hall was constructed in 1965, where the gently rolling slope is located. The enclosed portico, at the far right in the photograph, was a part of the Vaughan Literature Building; the portico was not enclosed until the Administration Building was constructred.

The Administration Building housed the offices of the President, Vice-Presidents, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Coordinator of Graduate Studies, and Vice-President of Development. It also provided space for the meeting room for the Board of Trustees, and two conference rooms. The Public Relations, Admissions, and Alumni offices were located in the building, as well as the University Post Office and administrative workrooms. An American Eagle plaque on the wall of the lobby was carved and donated by Kenneth Vandenbree, who attended Bucknell as a member of the Class of 1931.

In 1965, 1,686 students were enrolled in the College of Arts and Science of whom 845 were men and 841 were women. Sixty-nine percent of the undergraduate students were enrolled in this College of the University.

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