reas Hall

Constructed in 1965, Freas Hall connected the Administration Center and Coleman Hall. The building was designed primarily to provide enlarged quarters for the Director of Admissions and his staff, and a University Lounge for faculty, administration and v isitors. It contained offices for Admissions, two conference rooms, a large workroom, and a mail and storage room. There was also a kitchenette adjoining the Lounge. On the terrace, which forms the top of the building, permanent brick flower boxes were built around an Italian fountain.

The building, a gift of A. Guy Freas, Trustee from 1949 to 1982, was dedicated in honor of this wife, Elisabeth Koons Freas. Freas Hall was the final building to be completed on the new academic quadrangle.

In 1965, there were 4,776 applicants for admission to the University; 1,854 of the applicants were accepted; and 748 actually enrolled. Women constituted thirty-six percent of the enrolled freshmen. At this time, the number of women who could be admitted was determined by the number of women who could be housed in the women's residence halls.

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