arnegie Building

In 1951, after Bertrand Library was completed, the Carnegie Building was remodeled to provide space for the Alumni Association offices, the Placement Office, and the Student Bookstore. The University's switchboard was also located here. In 1958, the Counseling Services moved into the building.

In 1960, the second and third floors were renovated at a cost of $72,242.75, creating eight offices and a lounge. The Alumni Office moved to the Administration Building, and Counseling Services moved to the Botany Building. By 1961, WVBU had moved to the basement of the building. In 1961-62, the Geology and Geography Department moved from the Botany Building into remodeled second-floor classrooms and laboratories.

Thus, in 1965 this former library building contained the Student Bookstore, the campu s telephone switchboard, a lounge, and various offices on the first floor; the offices and laboratories of the Department of Geology and Geography were located on the second floor; and small rooms used for job interviews under the auspices of the Placement Office were located on the third floor.

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