otany Building
Davis Gym in 1943

In the early 1960's, various improvements were made to the building. The Geology and Geography departments, which had been located in the basement, moved to the Carnegie Building and the basement was remodeled. The Christian Association moved into the remodeled basement, along with the Counseling service, which had been located in the Carnegie Building. In 1965, the attic space was converted into two studios for the Art department.

In1965, a large classroom was located on the first floor at the front of the Botany Building on the side next to Taylor Hall. A laboratory was located across the hall from this classroom, on the side of the building next to Seventh Street. The office of Dr. Wayne E. Manning, Professor of Botany, was located between this laboratory and the classroom. A dark room for the germination of seeds and a room containing the herbarium were also located on the first floor. The greenhouse was constructed in three sections. The section closest to the building, which was quite warm and humid, contained many different plants that composed the permanent collection. The other sections of the greenhouse were much cooler and were used by students to raise plants for research or class activities.

This photograph was taken in the late 1950's. The building in the background is the Social Science Building, which was a temporary structure erected in 1947. It was located between the Botany Building and Walker Street. The building contained four classrooms, a social science laboratory, a seminar room, and six offices for faculty members in the Philosophy and Sociology departments. In 1959, the building was razed, and a parking lot was constructed where it had been located.

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