hysician's Residence

In 1928, a small house was built next to the newly dedicated Ziegler Memorial Infirmary to accommodate the resident physician, Dr. Lester P. Fowle. The construction was funded by Mrs. S. Lewis Ziegler who had stipulated in her gift to establish the infirmary that the resident physician not reside in the infirmary. He late husband, Dr. S. Lewis Ziegler, thought "that the resident physician and his family should not be quartered in the same building with the student patients." The cost for the bungalow was $7,693.72.

"that the resident physician..." MBU, p. 107

The major sources for the information on this page are Memorials of Bucknell University, 1919-1931 (MBU '19-'31) and the Minutes of the Board of Trustees of Bucknell University, 1920-1950 (BT '20-'50).

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