hemical Laboratory

After 1915, this building became more dedicated to chemistry as biology moved to the former Academy building. In 1918, a planned enlargement of the building was delayed because of the loss of students due to the war, but improvements continued to be made in the facilities such as the installation of a new ventilating system at an approximate cost of $1,200.00 in 1919.

The Addition to the Chemical Laboratory

In 1920, the Trustee Committee on Buildings and Grounds was "…authorized to borrow the sum of $30,000.00 to build an addition to the present chemical building or so much thereof as in their judgment is found necessary." The Engineering Department prepared the plans, which were approved by the Chemistry Department and the Trustees. In 1921, the two-story Chemical Laboratory building was enlarged one-third at a cost of approximately $31,600.00. (The addition is to the left in the photograph, beginning at the dormer on the roof and the near edge of the steps below the dormer.) A porch and new steps were constructed at this time, as well as the two dormers on the roof. The addition was built over the small stream, which flowed next to the original building. South Sixth Street, with the sidewalk next to it, is visible to the right rear in the photograph. In 1920, the most money that was spent for the various laboratories of the college was $5,600.00 for chemistry. This was more than twice the amount requested by biology, which was $2,000.00 and second in terms of appropriations.

The Chemical Laboratory from 1936 to 1945

In 1936, "extensive improvements" were made "…making out of four small laboratories two splendidly lighted large laboratories on the second floor", and the following year much new plumbing was installed and the building was rewired. During the Second World War, enrollment in chemistry grew rapidly. In the fall of 1942, 196 students were enrolled in beginning chemistry and the total registration in the department was 366.

In 1945, the building continued to house the Chemistry Department. The 10,000 square feet of laboratory floor space in the building provided facilities for work in inorganic, analytical, organic, and physical chemistry and in chemical research. The building also contained lecture rooms, offices, a central stock room, and a reading room. A Chemical and Chemical Engineering Library was also located in the building.

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