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In 1906, the Trustees authorized President Harris "....to begin a canvass for $50,000.00 for the erection of a new college building to be called the 'East College'." Construction began in 1906 and continued over the course of three years as the building was erected one story at a time until it was finished in 1909, costing approximately $62,000. The first floor was completed in 1907 and the electrical laboratory and four other rooms were in use. In 1908, the second story was finished and twenty-eight rooms were occupied. When completed the building contained dormitory space for 115 men on four of its floors. In 1915, there was an extra charge for rooms in East College “…. ranging from $5.00 to 10.00 per term.” The physical laboratory, the electrical laboratory, as well as classrooms and the Physics Department, were located on the ground floor. Drafting rooms were located in the attic story.

The laboratories and drawing rooms were used by the students enrolled in the engineering programs. In 1902, the University introduced the "course" in Civil Engineering. A "course" in Electrical Engineering was introduced in 1905, and"courses" in both Chemical and Mechanical Engineering followed in 1909. Students would complete the classes in the subjects required for the "course" and receive the appropriate degree after completing the degree requirements.

Three courses in Drawing, which met ten hours per week for one of the three terms of the Freshman Year, were "...required of all candidates for the first degree in Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering." Current students and recent graduates served as assistants in these courses, which were listed in the Catalogue under the Department fo Mathematics as were all the courses in the engineering programs.

The building was capped with an observation tower, not visible in the photograph, which was a gift from the Class of 1909.

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The major source for the information on this page is the Minutes of the Board of Trustees of Bucknell University, 1882-1920 (BT '82-'20). Additional sources are the Bucknell University Bulletin (Fourteenth Series, January 1915, No. 4) Catalogue 1914-1915 (CAT '14-'15) and the Bucknell Uinversity Bulletin (Fifteenth Series, January1916, No. 4) Catalog 1915-1916 (CAT '15-'16).

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