The Annex

In 1915, twenty college women could be accommodated in The Annex, a residence building located at 315 South Sixth Street which had been "secured" by the University. The University had been "....obliged to take Bower House in Lewisburg for Mtg. debts of $2475.00 subject to about 125.00 taxes...." Improvements were made to the building at the cost of $1,773.00. Two teachers lived in the building with the students.

"secured" CAT '15-'16, p. 14.

"...obliged to take..." BT '82--'20, p. 305 (1/14/1915)

The major sources for the information on this page are the Minutes of the Board of Trustees of Bucknell University, 1882-1920 (BT '82-'20) and the Bucknell Uinversity Bulletin (Fifteenth Series, January1916, No. 4) Catalog 1915-1916 (CAT '15-'16).

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