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In 1855, Rev. Justin R. Loomis, Professor of Natural Sciences and President, 1858-1879, bought a one-acre lot from the Trustees for $ 400.00 and built a house at 103 University Avenue at the corner of University Avenue and Loomis Street. In 1878, the University bought the house and and lot for $5,333.30, and when David J. Hill was elected President in 1879 a condition of his appointment was that he rent the house from the university for a sum of $320.00 per year. By the end of his tenure as President, Hill was not paying rent.

In 1888, the Trustees were considering the construction of a new house for the President, but instead in 1890 the house ws completely remodeled "....with enlarged accommodations for entertaining friends of the University on occasions of public receptions as well as for the comfort and convenience of the family." Wilson Brothers And Company of Philadelphia prepared the plans for the remodeling William Bucknell donated $ 5,000.00 for improvements. In 1889, elms and special trees were planted on the property by Dr. George G. Groff when he was Acting President, 1888-1889. In 1895, John Howard Harris was President of Bucknell University, having succeeded David Jayne Hill in 1889.

"with enlarged accommodations..." BT '82-20, p. 97 (6/29/1890)

The major sources for the information on this page are the Minutes of the Board of Trustees of Bucknell University, 1846-1882 (BT '46-'82) and the Minutes of the Board of Trustees of Bucknell University, 1882-1920 (BT '82-'20). Additional sources are Oliphant, Rise of Bucknell; and Theiss, Centennial History.

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