ucknell Hall

Dedicated on June 23, 1886, Bucknell Hall was designed in the Queen Anne/Romanesque Style by David S. Gendell (1839-1925), who apprenticed with Thomas U. Walter. The building, first known as Reunion Hall and also as the Chapel, was named for William Bucknell, Trustee from 1846 to 1863 and Chairman of the Board of Trustees from 1882 to 1890, who provided the money for its construction.. After the completion of the building, all instructors and students were required to attend morning chapel in the new hall. Bucknell Hall was used for chapel services every morning for many years.

The major source for the information on this page is the Minutes of the Board of Trustees of Bucknell University, 1882-1920 (BT '82-'20). Additional sources are Oliphant, Rise of Bucknell; and Theiss, Centennial History.
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