Professional Standards and Practices Commission

The General Assembly created the Professional Standards and Practices Commission, giving it powers to recommend rules and regulations to the State Board of Education in the areas of certification, the acceptability of professional education programs, reciprocity agreements, and examinations for the initial certification of teachers. The Commission also recommends to the State Board standards for use in the evaluation of teacher preparation programs as well as changes in teacher education programs, which are based upon assessments of teacher education programs conducted by the Commission. The recommendations of the Commission are presented publicly at a scheduled Board meeting, which must "….be prior to board action on regulations, standards or guidelines affecting teacher certification, professional practices, accreditation of teacher education programs and long range plans." 24 PS § 20-2070.5(c). The powers and duties of the Commission are stated in 22 PA Code § 233.3.

The Commission also has the power to discipline professional educators, which include certified teachers, educational specialists and administrators. The Commission can impose the following disciplinary actions: issue a private reprimand; issue a public reprimand; direct the Department of Education to suspend the certificate of the professional educator for a period determined by the Commission; or, direct the Department to revoke the certificate. The Commission has adopted definitions of statutory terms relating to discipline, which are published in 22 PA Code, Chapter 237. Disciplinary proceedings of the Commission are stated in 22 PA Code § 233.13.

The Commission has adopted a Code of Professional Conduct and Practice for Educators, which is published in 22 PA Code, Chapt. 235.

The Commission consists of thirteen members "…. appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of a majority of the members elected to the Senate." 24 PS § 20-2070.3. The membership and qualifications of members of the Commission are described in 24 PS § 20-2070.4.


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