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The Power of Scholarships

Generous supporters make it possible for talented students of all backgrounds to attend Bucknell.
Alumni Story: Garrett Neff '07
He's traveled the world as a model and worked with world-renowned photographers and designers.
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Flirting 101
Bucknell research reveals the best techniques to make a romantic connection when flirting with the opposite sex.

Bucknell Answers: Opera
The Bucknell Opera Company helps audiences of all ages appreciate opera’s timeless beauty and emotional power.

Dance, Strings and Song
The Weis Center's new season includes the Homecoming concert featuring the Alison Brown Quartet.

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Update your contact info on the Bucknell Alumni App, using our new online form or by emailing records@bucknell.edu.

Mark your calendars to come back to campus for Homecoming Weekend Oct. 23-24. More details are coming soon. We look forward to seeing you!

'ray Bucknell!

Josh Grill
Executive Director, Alumni Relations

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Evolving to Extinction
Is it possible for a species to evolve to a point where it's too specialized to survive?

The Proof is in the Puff
A team of Bucknell engineers built a device to learn more about the effects of e-cigarettes.

Make a giftGive Early, Make an Impact
Your gift this summer will bring opportunities to students this fall.

Social Network
Research supported by Bucknell’s Digital Scholarship Center aims to create a better place to learn and live.

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