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Watch Bucknell: Liberal arts II
Our professors talk about the depth and breadth of a liberal arts education.
Alumni Story: Host of Asia
Bradley Feuling '03 leads the Bucknell Club of China.
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Warfare expert to speak Sept. 24
P.W. Singer will discuss 21st century war and foreign policy as part of the Bucknell Forum series "tech/no."

Password protection
In the age of cyber attacks, Bucknell is part of a unique collaboration geared toward increasing internet security.

First in the family
In a new video series, Bucknellians share their experiences, fears and successes as first-generation college students.

Alumni Travel ProgramBucknell alumni on LinkedIn
Join this group and its Bucknell Professional Network subgroups for great networking opportunities.

Bucknell kicked off the largest campaign in its history in October 2012. Since then, President John Bravman; members of the Board of Trustees; University faculty, staff and students; and a group of dedicated campaign volunteers have traveled to San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to bring the WE DO Campaign message to fellow Bucknellians. Our next campaign cities are Boston on Sept. 7 and New York on Nov. 16.

We would like to introduce you to the important ambassadors who will be reaching out to you throughout the campaign.

'ray Bucknell!

Josh Grill
Executive Director, Alumni Relations

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Bridging the gap
Kerong Kelly '16 was sent to study Arabic in Oman by the U.S. State Department.

Ask the Experts: Immigration reform
Professor of Sociology Elizabeth Durden on why immigration reform has a good chance of succeeding.

Make a gift to BucknellMake an impact
Your gift this summer will bring opportunity to our students this fall.


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