Preparation of Stilbene Oxide

For the Pre-Lab Exercises, write them on a separate sheet to hand in at the beginning of pre-lab. ALSO remember to record the answers to 1-8 in your lab notebook; you will need this information.


This is your first synthetic reaction experiment. The goal is the preparation of a new compound by carrying out a synthetic reaction. This is also your first attempt at writing a report for a synthesis experiment rather than a techniques experiment.


You may find Ch 2 in Zubrick, especially the parts about a synthesis experiment, useful.


The format is similar to what you have been doing all semester with these few changes.


Technical Report Title: ____________________________________

Name: ______________________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________________

Lab Section: _______________________________________________

Instead of a PURPOSE, draw the chemical reaction that you performed. Write the names of the compounds underneath the structures.


Then put in a DATA TABLE. Here is an example. Fill in all quantities listed.

stilbene MW grams moles ratio lit mp
mCPBA MW grams moles ratio lit mp
stilbene oxide MW lit mp

weight of crude product:
weight of recrystallized stilbene oxide:
% yield:
% recovery:
observed mp recrystallized stilbene oxide:
TLC results:

Describe the experiment briefly; this is NOT a procedure. Include a mechanism. Discuss all the steps in the work-up and purification. Don't forget to discuss the extraction with NaOH solution. Did you prepare stilbene oxide? How do you know? How pure was your product? How do you know? Did you get a good yield? Why or why not?

Again, no more than two pages for all this.