The Lab Notebook

In the Beginning

Using the Lab Notebook to Prepare for Lab
Do these things before lab

Tip: Some folks write out the procedure summary on every other line. This allows room for last minute changes, recording observations, etc.

Tip: Some people use the back of the page for calculations and for taking notes in pre-lab. Right hand pages for lab prep and data recording during lab, left hand pages for pre-lab note taking and calculations.

BIG HINT: Put enough information in your lab notebook BEFORE lab so that you can do the entire experiment using your notebook only!

Using the Lab Notebook During Lab
Use the lab notebook during lab to record what you do, what you see and what happens

More Tips:

At the End of Lab

After Lab

Lab Notebook Grading

Neatness is not particularly important; completeness is. However, if the notebook grader cannot find the key piece of infomation, it might as well not be there.