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Through the support of the National Science Foundation, Bucknell University, and the Bucknell Department of Chemistry, a state-of-the-art 600 MHz NMR spectrometer hosted at Bucknell is a regional user facility for faculty and students from principally undergraduate academic institutions.

The target area is central Pennsylvania, however proposals from outside this region (e.g. MD, VA, NY, etc.) are welcomed and we will try to accomodate such requests.

This operates as a free resource to qualifying faculty and their students.


The facility consists of an Oxford AS 600/51 magnet, a Varian Inc. DirectDrive (tm) 4-channel console running VnmrJ 2.1B (tm), and a suite of three Varian probes:

X{1H} broadband liquid probe (Z-grad)
1H{13C,15N,2H} protein probe (Z-grad)
1H,X T3 3.2 mm solid probe (on loan)

User Policies:

Users are required to submit a very brief annual report for each project that is conducted at the center.

All sample preparation is expected to occur off-site at your home institution. You are encouraged to bring your own NMR tubes however we are able to lend NMR tubes when needed. We are happy to supply common NMR solvents if needed (CDCl3, D2O, etc.).

Users are expected to perform only those experiments for which they received approval/training.

Probe tuning/changes will be conducted by Bucknell personnel.

If requesting solids time we will be able to loan 1-2 rotors on site.


NMR laboratory manager :  Mr. Brian Breczinski

Supervising Faculty :  Charles Clapp (Chemistry) James Maneval (Chemical Engineering), David Rovnyak (Chemistry), Timothy G. Strein (Chemistry)