Revolutionary Britain: Economic, Technological and Social Change from the Industrial through the Computer Revolutions

Faculty Directors:Jean Shackelford, Economics & Patricia Wenner, Computer Science

  • Explore revolutions in British economics and finance in London-- Europe's most important financial center
  • Examine the colorful beginnings of computing in Britain, from super secret code breaking to tea cake delivery
  • Visit museums and historic sites as you develop a foundation of Britain's past
  • Experience British culture through the theatre, art, architecture, the BBC, the markets, the tube
  • Compare British, American and European environments as the EU strives to reduce borders
  • Determine how computers and the Net are changing British life
  • Earn Bucknell credit while studying abroad
  • Enjoy Bucknell in London at Bucknell tuition and dorm fee rates (financial aid applies)
  • This London Semester program is designed to utilize London and Britain as a laboratory in which to study the integration of political, social and economic thought as it has, and continues to influence and be influenced by science and technology. London is the European center of ongoing revolutions in economics and in information technology. These revolutions, driven by innovative technology, have sparked social, political and economic transformations which are in turn are reflected in the British arts and in its culture. British contributions to western technology, social, political and economic thought inspire and influence the modern world in many important ways. In the industrial age the representation of the "model of science," popularized by British intellectual thought, influenced both the social and hard sciences. While today's, globalization, spawned by the revolution in information technology, finds Britain at the heart of a new European economic and political order dominated by the European Union. We will explore many connections that join ideas from London's past to current practices and link international and global concerns in information and communications technology to political, social and economic theory, policy and popular culture.
    Courses encourage Bucknellians to learn from the city and country as they read daily newspapers, watch the tellie, explore museums and galleries, attend theatre and music performances and link their observations to transformations in London's social, economic, and political fabric.

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