The New Europe: London and Beyond

The 2001 London Semester program expands its horizons beyond London to its larger environment, the "new Europe" created by the end of the Cold War and by accelerating integration. Our base will be London, but our theme will be the great changes--poltiical, social, economic, and cultural--that are transforming Europe. London is a great place to begin exploring these many forces: Like its neighbors Britain has become very diverse, and London today is strongly influenced by its many immigrant communities as well as by its interaction with the rest of Europe. Also, as one of the more skeptical members of the European Union, its relationship with the EU highlights all of the stresses and benefits of European integration. In addition, Britain retains its traditional role as a key actor in European and global affairs, while London has always been one of Europeís great centers of cultural and artistic activity.

As a participant in the Program, you will learn from London by living in it: by reading the papers and watching the tellie, exploring museums and galleries, attending the theater, participating in small classes, and even by such everyday acts as using public transport and shopping. Up to twenty Bucknell students will be able to explore and experience London this way next fall.

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