The Courses
Students in the London Semester take four courses

Required Courses:

The European City: Medieval to Modern (UNIV 274; 1 credit) Stevenson Sanjian and Sanjian
In this course we will use London as a laboratory for exploring the development of modern urban life, but move beyond it to other cities in Britain and on the continent as well. We will consider, for example, the role of urbanization in democratization and in the rise of the modern welfare state. We will look at cities as repositories of national cultural life, but also at how they have become globalized, both economically and culturally. The best way to explore these and other issues is to explore the cities themselves, so much of the course will take the form of field trips, within London and elsewhere.

British Culture: Art, Architecture and Design (ART 215; 1 credit) Connor
This course is intended to complement The European City with close study of Londonís development as a center of national artistic life. It will combine lecture with walking tours and visits to Londonís superb museums and galleries and other important buildings.

Elective Courses:

Britain and the New Europe (POLS 236.05; 1 credit) Stevenson Sanjian
With this course we will broaden our perspective and look beyond London to its larger European environment. It will have two main sections: The first will center on the nation-states that make up the European Union, the second on the EU itself. In both parts there will be an emphasis on Britain to illustrate various issues in the political life of todayís Europe.

The Atlantic Alliance: Europe and North America (POLS 236.04; 1 credit) Sanjian
The focus of this course is European perspectives on NATO, both during and after the Cold War. Debates over the nature, goals and strategies of the alliance dot NATOís history, and almost always find the US and its European partners on different sides. As we look at the issues involved, we will take advantage of our setting to try to gain a better understanding of European perspectives on them.

The London Stage (THEA 264; 1 credit) Goldsworthy
This is an introduction to all aspects of the London theater, from its social role to various aspects of production, while also considering the plays as literature. The class will attend performances frequently, and the cost of tickets is included in the program.

Field Projects
Some students may want to pursue a guided research project that included field research in London. This could be done under the supervision of one of the Bucknell faculty in London, or possible under a Bucknell faculty member in Lewisburg. Students interested in this should complete all plans for the project before the end of the Spring semester.

Field Trips

In addition to many site visits in London, coursework will include several trips outside of London. These will probably include Edinburgh and Cardiff (home of the two new regional parliaments for Scotland and Wales), Bath, York, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Oxford. We hope to include a visit to Brussels as well, home of the EU, NATO, and a great city in its own right.

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