Race and Empire: Britain and the Making of a Transnational Racial Order

The 2004 Bucknell in London Semester program uses London and Britain as a context in which to study the role race and racial consciousness have played in the making and restructuring of the British Empire and its aftermath.

As a participant in the Program, you will learn from London by living in it: by reading the papers and watching the tellie, exploring museums and galleries, attending the theater, participating in small classes, and even by such everyday acts as using public transport and shopping.
It's an opportunity to experience British culture, history, people and institutions first hand, with your instructors and with your friends. We'll attend the best of current crop of London theatre productions. We'll also examine many of the great historic buildings of British history. And we see some of its greatest art.

During fall, 2004, 20 Bucknell students will study Race and Empire and make their home in one of the world's great city in the process. You will:


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"You can never have the opportunity to see London in this way ever again. If I return to London it will never be in the way that I have seen it this past semester. Studying London has been an experience of a lifetime!Not only did our myriad of day and overnight trips provide for cultural enrichment, but the theatre and art & architecture courses introduced a new perspective that as a science major I'm not accustomed to getting."


" I felt the whole experience was extremely valuable. I can't express how much I enjoyed myself. Academically it was the best hands-on education one can receive…Culturally, I couldn't have gotten any better: living in a big metropolitan area with everything at your fingertips along with British citizens to guide you along the way."



" If going abroad is an option you should definitely do it. This program had absolutely nothing to do with my major, yet I gained more knowledge this semester in London than any other on campus."




"The most valuable thing to me … was my field research. I learned so much about myself through my studies. I grew an attachment to the community studied and made invaluable friendships."




" Great program - a lot of support set up to allow anyone to do it. But come with an open mind - see everything - talk to everyone - taste new things - have the experience of a LIFETIME!!"


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