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SPECIES Procapra przewalskii

Author:Büchner, 1891.
Citation:Melanges Biol. Soc. St. Petersb., 13: 161.
Common Name:Przewalski's Gazelle
Type Locality:China, "im südlichen Ordos" (S Ordos desert); Groves (1967:149) stated that the type locality is the Chagrin Gol (or Steppe).
Distribution:China (Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Sinkiang, Qinghai); may only survive in Qinghai.
Status:IUCN – Critically Endangered.
Comments:Considered a subspecies of picticaudata by G. M. Allen (1940).
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SUBSPECIES przewalskii

SUBSPECIES diversicornis


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