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SPECIES Alces americanus

Author:Clinton, 1822.
Citation:Letters on the natural history of New York: 193.
Common Name:Moose
Type Locality:"Country north of Whitestown". USA, New York, probably in the western Adirondack region.
Distribution:Russia (E Siberia), east of the Yenisei River east to Anadyr region (E Siberia) and south to N Mongolia and N China (N of Inner Mongolia and Manchuria). N America in Canada and N USA (including Alaska); introduced to New Zealand where now extinct.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (nt) as A. alces cameloides.
Comments:Subspecies limits follow Geist (1998). Characters diagnosing species not fully confirmed for cameloides. Cervus americanus Clinton, 1822 is preoccupied by Cervus americanus Erxleben, 1777 (= Odocoileus virginianus), a name used in the literature that has not been declared to be unavailable. It is probably a nomen oblitum and the familiar name Alces americanus (Clinton, 1822) continues to be used here. Cervus coronatus Lesson, 1827 (= C. coronatus . Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1803), based on a single rack, is usually cited as a synonym of Alces alces but is reputedly from America. It is much too small to be a Moose (C. H. Smith, 1827), and is possibly an aberrant Rangifer tarandus, according to Blyth (1860).
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