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GENUS Anoura

Author:Gray, 1838.
Citation:Mag. Zool. Bot., 2: 490.
Type Species:Anoura geoffroyi Gray, 1838.
Comments:Includes Lonchoglossa; see Cabrera (1958). Keys to species of Anoura were provided by Tamsitt and Nagorsen (1982) and Handley (1984), but usefulness of these keys has been reduced by subsequent descriptions of new species (i.e., by Handley [1984] and Molinari [1994]) and suggestions that other undescribed species exist (Emmons, 1997).
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SPECIES caudifer

SPECIES cultrata

SPECIES geoffroyi

SUBSPECIES geoffroyi

SUBSPECIES lasiopyga


SPECIES latidens

SPECIES luismanueli


    Anura Agassiz, 1846
    Glossonycteris Peters, 1868
    Lonchoglossa Peters, 1868

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