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SPECIES Pteropus insularis

Author:Hombron and Jacquinot, 1842.
Citation:In d'Urville, Voy. Pole Sud. Mammifères: 24.
Common Name:Ruck Flying Fox
Type Locality:Caroline Isls, Truk Isl, Hogoleu (Micronesia).
Distribution:Truk Isls (Micronesia).
Status:CITES – Appendix I. IUCN/SSC Action Plan (1992) – Endangered: Limited Distribution. IUCN 2003 – Critically Endangered.
Comments:pselaphon species group. Includes phaeocephalus (K. Helgen, pers. comm.). See Flannery (1995b).
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SUBSPECIES insularis

SUBSPECIES phaeocephalus


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