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SPECIES Cynopterus sphinx

Author:Vahl, 1797.
Citation:Skr. Nat. Selsk. Copenhagen, 4(1): 123.
Common Name:Greater Short-nosed Fruit Bat
Type Locality:India, Madras, Tranquebar.
Distribution:Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, S China, SE Asia including Burma, Vietnam, and Cambodia, W Malaysia, Sumatra, adjacent small islands; perhaps Borneo.
Status:IUCN/SSC Action Plan (1992) Not Threatened. IUCN 2003 Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:This taxon is sometimes confused with brachyotis, and the status of many populations is in doubt. See discussion of diagnostic characters in Bates and Harrison (1997) and Mapatuna et al. (2002). Includes angulatus; see Hill and Thonglongya (1972). Does not include titthaecheilus; see Hill (1983). Apparently includes babi; see Kitchener and Maharadatunkamsi (1991), but also see Corbet and Hill (1992), who included babi in brachyotis without comment. May not include scherzeri; see Corbet and Hill (1992), but also see Bates and Harrison (1997), who retained scherzeri in sphinx but noted that it may represent a distinct species. May also include brachysoma and andamanesis (here listed as synonyms of brachyotis); see Bates and Harrison (1997). Some authors recognize gangeticus as a distinct subspecies; it is here grouped in the nominate subspecies following Koopman (1994). Clinal variation in size discussed by Storz et al. (2001). Also see Storz and Kunz (1999).
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