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SPECIES Mogera tokudae

Author:Kuroda, 1940.
Citation:[A monograph of Japanese mammals ...], Tokyo and Osaka: 196.
Common Name:Sado Mole
Type Locality:Japan, Sado Isl.
Distribution:Sado Isl and Echigo Plain, Honshu, C Japan.
Status:IUCN Endangered as M
Comments:Overlooked by Ellerman and Morrison-Scott (1966); included in Talpa robusta by Corbet (1978c); but retained as a separate species by Yoshiyuki (1986) and Abe et al. (1991). Yoshiyuki and Imaizumi (1991) named the Honshu population as a separate species, but Abe (1995, 1996) ascribed the differences between the Sado and Honshu population to geographical size variation. However, considerable genetic (Tsuchiya et al., 2000) and karyological differences exist: the karyotype from Sado is 2n = 36, FN = 60, and from Honshu 2n = 36, FN = 54 (Kawada et al., 2001; Tsuchiya, 1988).
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