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GENUS Neomys

Author:Kaup, 1829.
Citation:Skizz. Entwickel.-Gesch. Nat. Syst. Europ. Thierwelt, 1: 117.
Type Species:Sorex daubentonii Erxleben, 1777 (= Sorex fodiens Pennant, 1771).
Comments:Type genus of tribe Neomyini Repenning, 1967, for which Reumer (1984:14) used the name Soriculini Kretzoi, 1965. However, both are antedated by Neomyini Matschie, 1909 and Nectogalini Anderson, 1879. Biogeography and phylogeny of the genus reviewed by Kryštufek et al. (2000a).
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SPECIES anomalus

SPECIES fodiens



    Amphisorex Duvernoy, 1835
    Crossopus Wagler, 1832
    Hydrogale Kaup, 1829
    Hydrosorex Duvernoy, 1835
    Leucorrhynchus Kaup, 1829
    Myosictis Pomel, 1854
    Pinalia Gray, 1838

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