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SPECIES Taeromys callitrichus

Author:Jentink, 1879.
Citation:Notes Leyden Mus.: 12.
Common Name:Greater Taeromys
Type Locality:Indonesia, NE Sulawesi, Kakas.
Distribution:Sulawesi: recorded from a few places on the NE peninsula, 600-1100 m; and in the central core, 760-2260 m (Musser, 1970d; Musser and Holden, 1991).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Reviewed by Musser (1970d). The largest in body size among the species. The original description is vague and based upon 12 specimens, all of which Jentink (1879b, 1888:65) regarded as types. Subsequently, Tate (1940) selected one of the specimens as a lectotype, and Musser (1970d) identified all 12 specimens: the lectotype and two others are examples of callitrichus, one is Paruromys dominator, another is Rattus hoffmanni, three are Bunomys chrysocomus, and four are Bunomys fratrorum. Musser (1970d) also described the historical allocations of callitrichus with Mus, Rattus, Lenomys, and Eropeplus. Taeromys callitrichus is the central and northeastern peninsular highland and morphological counterpart to the southeastern highland T. microbullatus; judged by cranial and dental traits, both species are more closely related to T. arcuatus and its undescribed ally than to any other species of Taeromys (Musser’s research). Because T. callitrichus is not easily trapped, it is represented by few specimens, and significance of the appreciable morphological variation present among the small geographic samples will have to be determined by study of larger series from more places.
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    jentinki (Laurie and Hill, 1954)
    maculipilis (Laurie and Hill, 1954)

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