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GENUS Conilurus

Author:Ogilby, 1838.
Citation:Trans. Linn. Soc. Lond., 18: 124.
Type Species:Conylurus constructor Ogilby, 1837 (= Hapalotis albipes Lichtenstein, 1829).
Comments:PseudomysDivision. Member of the Australian Old Endemics (Musser, 1981c) that is phylogenetically closely allied to Mesembriomys (Watts et al., 1992). Conilurus was also considered a phylogenetic ally of Leporillus (Watts et al., 1992), but that conclusion was based on one-way microcomplement fixation of albumin reactions and is unsupported by more recent analyses using DNA sequences that group Leporillus with Pseudomys and its relatives (K. Alpin, in litt., 2004). Watts and Baverstock (1994a) included Conilurus within a larger clade, the Hydromyini (incorporating Conilurini where Conilurus has usually been placed; Baverstock, 1984), which encompassed members of our Hydromys, Xeromys, Pseudomys, and Uromys Divisions (the "Australasian clade" of Watts and Baverstock, 1995b, 1996). Mahoney and Richardson (1988:154) cataloged taxonomic, distributional, and biological references, and explained that the name Conilurus should be maintained because it is in general use and the valid older name Conylurus is an unused senior synonym.
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SPECIES albipes

SPECIES penicillatus


    Conylurus Ogilby, 1837
    Hapalotis Lichtenstein, 1829

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