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SPECIES Microtus (Alexandromys) limnophilus

Author:Büchner, 1889.
Citation:Wiss. Res. Przewalski Cent.-Asien. Reis. Zool., I: (Säugeth.): 110.
Common Name:Lacustrine Vole
Type Locality:China, Qinghai.
Distribution:NC China (from N Sichuan, E Qinghai, Gansu, and Shaanxi northeast through Ningxia to C Nei Mongol and NW Xinjiang; Zhang et al., 1997, as M. oeconomus) to W Mongolia.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Alexandromys (including subgenus Pallasiinus sensu Zagorodnyuk, 1990, and Pavlinov et al., 1995a). Formerly included in M. oeconomus (Corbet, 1978c; Ellerman and Morrison-Scott, 1951), but Malygin et al. (1990, and references therein) separated limnophilus as a parapatric species in W Mongolia; further evidence of interspecific distinction and of intraspecific karyotypic variation presented by Courant et al. (1999). Correlation and interdependence among non-metric traits with sex, age, and body size discussed by Markowski (1995).
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    flaviventris Satunin, 1903
    malcolmi Thomas, 1911
    malygini Courant et al., 1999

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