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GENUS Typhlomys

Author:Milne-Edwards, 1877.
Citation:Bull. Sci. Soc. Philom. Paris, ser. 6, 12: 9 [1877].
Type Species:Typhlomys cinereus Milne Edwards, 1877.
Comments:Miocene Neocometes is morphologically close to Typhlomys. Fossil Typhlomys are known from late Miocene in China (Lufeng and Yuanmou, Yunnan), isolated molars described as T. primitivus and T. hipparionum (Ni and Qiu, 2002; Qiu, 1989). Two additional species, T. macrourus and T. intermedius, are also represented by molars from the late Pliocene in the Sichuan-Guizhou region, and Pleistocene samples of living T. cinereus come from the same area (Zheng, 1993) and Guangxi in S China (Chen et al., 2002). Zheng (1993) postulated two lineages: one leading from the late Miocene T. primitivus, through Pleistocene T. intermedius, to extant T. cinereus; the other from late Miocene T. hipparionum to late Pliocene T. macrourus. Of the two late Miocene species, occlusal patterns of T. primitivus are most like those of Neocometes.
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