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GENUS Chaetocauda

Author:Wang, 1985.
Citation:Acta Theriol. Sinica, 5(1): 67.
Type Species:Chaetocauda sichuanensis Wang, 1985.
Comments:Holden (1993) formerly arranged C. sichuanensis as a species of Dryomys, based on shape and other morphological characters. Although Chaetocauda resembles Myomimus in some features of the skull, other cranial characters resemble those found in Dryomys (particularly D. niethammeri); additionally, the continuous endoloph on the upper molars supports its inclusion in Leithiinae. Because there is so little information regarding this animal, the genus should be recognized until its relationship with other dormouse genera, particularly leithiines, can be analyzed. Wang (1985) considered Chaetocauda a close relative of Myomimus, and placed it within Myomiminae. Based on the presence of a continuous endoloph on the upper molars, Rossolimo (2001) tentatively placed Chaetocauda in Leithiinae, along with Dryomys and Eliomys. The same character served as the basis for Daams and de Bruijn’s (1995) arrangement, in which they provisionally placed Chaetocauda in their Dryomyinae (which also contains Dryomys, Eliomys, Graphiurus and Glirulus). They hypothesized that the "general appearance of the ridge pattern is reminiscent of a simplified Eliomys."
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