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SPECIES Trachypithecus (Kasi) vetulus

Original Name:Cercopithecus vetulus
Author:Erxleben, 1777.
Citation:Syst. Regni Anim.: 24.
Common Name:Purple-faced Langur
Type Locality:Sri Lanka, Hill country of South.
Distribution:Sri Lanka.
Status:CITES Appendix II; U.S. ESA Threatened as Presbytis senex; IUCN Endangered as T. v. vetulus, T. v. monticola, T. v. nestor, and T. v. philbricki.
Comments:T. vetulus species group. Type of subgenus Kasi; see Szalay and Delson (1979:402). On the use of vetulus, instead of the previously more commonly used senex, for the species, see Napier (1985:72).
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