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SPECIES Trachypithecus (Trachypithecus) ebenus

Author:Brandon-Jones, 1995.
Citation:Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 43: 15.
Common Name:Indochinese Black Langur
Type Locality:"Indo China": probably either Lai Chau or Fan Si Pan chain (ca. 2230N, 10350E) according to Brandon-Jones (1995).
Distribution:Unknown. May be restricted to region of type locality (Brandon-Jones, 1995); but apparently occurs in Hin Namno National Biodiversity Conservation area, Laos, on Vietnam border at about 1730N according to Nadler (1998).
Status:CITES Appendix II; IUCN Data Deficient as T. francoisi ebenus.
Comments:T. francoisi species group. Described as a subspecies of T. auratus by Brandon-Jones (1995), but raised to species rank and transferred to the T. francoisi group by Groves (2001c).
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