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SUBFAMILY Peroryctinae

Author:Groves and Flannery, 1990.
Citation:In Seebeck et al. (eds.), Bandicoots and Bilbies: 2.
Comments:McKenna and Bell (1997) attributed this name to a publication of Archer et al. (1989), but this is a nomen nudum, referring to a manuscript name of Groves and Flannery. Kirsch et al. (1997) reduced this to a subfamily under Peramelidae. Westerman et al. (1999) considered the family, sensu Groves and Flannery, probably polyphyletic, and that Echymipera and Microperoryctes form a sister clade to genera of the Peramelidae; further material confirms this, and add Peroryctes as a third, probably sister clade to the rest (Westerman et al, 2001). A peroryctid, probably Echymipera sp., occurred on Halmahera until 1870 B. P. (Flannery et al., 1995a).
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GENUS Peroryctes

SPECIES broadbenti

SPECIES raffrayana

SUBSPECIES raffrayana

SUBSPECIES rothschildi


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