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SPECIES Capricornis thar

Author:Hodgson, 1831.
Citation:Gleanings Science, 3: 324.
Common Name:Himalayan Serow
Type Locality:"the central region, equidistant from the snows on one hand, and the plains of India on the other; between the Sutlege, west, and the Teesta, east, in Nepal proper" (Nepal, Himalayas).
Distribution:E and SE Bangladesh, Himalayas (Bhutan, N India including Sikkim, and Nepal), and NE India (provinces E of Bangladesh). Probably W Burma.
Status:IUCN Vulnerable as C. sumatraensis thar.
Comments:Reddish specimens from Arunchal Pradesh, Assam, Bangladesh, and Meghalaya are not attributable to C. rubidus and may represent a distinct subspecies of C. thar.



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