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SPECIES Ammodorcas clarkei

Author:Thomas, 1891.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 6, 7: 304.
Common Name:Dibatag
Type Locality:"Northern Somali-land"; according to the collector Clarke (in Sclater and Thomas, 1898:220), "about three hours from 'Bairwell' or about one day from 'Buroa Well, Habergerhagi's country'" (N Somalia, vicinity of Burao and Ber).
Distribution:E Ethiopia and N Somalia.
Status:U.S. ESA Endangered; IUCN Vulnerable.
Comments:Reviewed by Schomber (1964). Sometimes placed in a separate tribe, Ammodorcadini (e.g. Eastet al., 1999), the correct form of "Ammodorcini".



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