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SPECIES Capreolus pygargus

Author:Pallas, 1771.
Citation:Reise Prov. Russ. Reichs, 1: 453.
Common Name:Siberian Roe
Type Locality:"In campestribus et montanis fruticosis ultra Volgam"; identified as Russia, former Samar district or province (Orenburgskaia Obl.), source of River Sok (a left tributary of the Volga), Bugulma-Belebei uplands (Heptner et al. 1961; Rossolimo in litt.).
Distribution:S Ural Mtns (Russia), N and E Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and S Siberia (Russia) eastward to Pacific coast, south into N and C China (N Sinkiang and Inner Mongolia south to Sichuan), N Mongolia, and Korea; apparently formerly in E Ukraine and N Caucasus Mtns (Russia) but original natural distribution not well documented.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Year of publication stated to be 1773 by Heptner et al. (1961) but no evidence provided and bibliographies cite 1771. Now regarded by most Russian authors as a species distinct from C. capreolus (Hewison and Danilkin, 2001; Sokolov et al., 1985; Sokolov and Gromov, 1990). Reviewed by Danilkin (1995, Mammalian Species, 512); revised by Sokolov et al. (1986c). Cervus pygargus mantschuricus Noack, 1889 is not preoccupied by Cervus mantchuricus Swinhoe, 1864 (= Cervus nippon) as there is a one letter difference (Article 57.6, International Code of Zoological Nomenclature; International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature, 1999). Treatment of ochraceus as a valid subspecies follows Koh and Randi (2001).




SUBSPECIES mantschuricus

SUBSPECIES ochraceus


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