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GENUS Lophostoma

Author:d'Orbigny, 1836.
Citation:Voy. Amer. Merid. Atlas Zool., 4: 11.
Type Species:Lophostoma silvicolum d'Orbigny, 1836.
Comments:Formerly included Tonatia, but see Lee et al. (2002), who demonstrated that Tonatia as traditionally defined is not monophyletic. Those authors proposed restricting Tonatia to the type species and its close relative (bidens and saurophila), and using the next available generic name (Lophostoma) for the remaining species, which together form a clade that is not closely related to Tonatia. That recommendation is followed here. Keys to species now included in Lophostoma were provided by Genoways and Williams (1984) and Medellín and Arita (1989).


SPECIES brasiliense

SPECIES carrikeri

SPECIES evotis

SPECIES schulzi

SPECIES silvicolum

SUBSPECIES silvicolum

SUBSPECIES centralis

SUBSPECIES laephotis

SUBSPECIES occidentalis


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