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SPECIES Hipposideros gigas

Author:Wagner, 1845.
Citation:Arch. Naturgesch., 11(1): 148.
Common Name:Giant Leaf-nosed Bat
Type Locality:Angola, Benguela.
Distribution:Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Central African Republic, Uganda, Dem. Rep. Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea (incl. Bioko), Cameroon, Nigeria and west to Senegal. The range of this taxon may be more extensive and is currently under review (J. Fahr, pers. comm.)
Status:IUCN 2003 Not evaluated; not considered in IUCN/SSC Action Plan (2001).
Comments:commersoni species group. Formerly included in commersoni, but clearly distinct based on differences in morphology and echolocation calls (J. Fahr and D. Kock, pers. comm.; D. Lunde, pers. comm.; McWilliam, 1982; Pye, 1972). Reviewed in part by Peterson et al. (1995). Some West African specimens identified as gigas may represent vittatus (J. Fahr, pers. comm.).



    gambiensis K. Andersen, 1906
    niangarae J. A. Allen, 1917

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