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SPECIES Talpa altaica

Author:Nikolsky, 1883.
Citation:Trans. Soc. Nat. St. Petersburg, 14: 165.
Common Name:Altai Mole
Type Locality:Russia, Siberia, Altai Mtns, Valley of Tourak.
Distribution:Taiga zone of Siberia between Ob and Lena Rivers; south to N Mongolia.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Placed by Yudin (1989:52) in genus Asioscalops; but see Corbet (1978c:33). Kratochvíl and Kral (1972) provided karyological evidence for a separation of altaica from the remaining Talpa species.



    gusevi (Fetisov, 1956)
    irkutensis Dybowski, 1922
    saianensis Bielovusev, 1921
    salairica Egorin, 1936
    salairici Corbet, 1978
    sibirica Egorin, 1937
    suschkini Kastschenko, 1905
    tymensis Egorin, 1937

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