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SPECIES Scaptochirus moschatus

Author:Milne-Edwards, 1867.
Citation:Ann. Sci. Nat. Zool. (Paris), 7: 375.
Common Name:Short-faced Mole
Type Locality:"En Mongolie"; Swanhwafu, 100 mi. (= 161 km) NW of Peking, China.
Distribution:NE China: Hopei, Shantung, Shansi, Shensi.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Included in Talpa micrura by Ellerman and Morrison-Scott (1966:40); but see Corbet (1978c:36). Grulich (1982) pointed out that Scaptochirus davidianus Milne-Edwards, 1884, often regarded as a synonym of moschatus, is a species of Talpa; see under Talpa davidiana. Karyotype (2n = 48, FN = 54-56) described by Kawada et al. (2002b).



    davidianus Swinhoe, 1879
    gilliesi Thomas, 1910
    grandidens (Stroganov, 1941)
    leptura (Thomas, 1881)
    moschiferus Heude, 1898
    sinensis (Heude, 1898)

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