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SPECIES Romerolagus diazi

Author:Ferrari-Pérez, 1893.
Citation:In Diaz, Cat. Comision Geogr.-Expl. República Mexicana, Exposicion Intern, Columbia de Chicago: pl. 42.
Common Name:Volcano Rabbit
Type Locality:"near San Martín Texmelusán, northeastern slope of Volcán Iztaccíhuatl [Ixtaccíhuatl, Puebla], Mexico."
Distribution:Distrito Federal, Mexico, and W Puebla (Mexico), in three discontinuous areas on the slopes of Volcán Pelado, Tlaloc, Popocatépetl, and Ixtaccíhuatl.
Status:CITES – Appendix I; U.S. ESA – Endangered, IUCN – Endangered.
Comments:Reviewed by Cervantes et al. (1990, Mammalian Species, 360) and Velazquez el al. (1993).



    nelsoni Merriam, 1896

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