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SUBSPECIES Lepus (Proeulagus) tolai tolai

Author:Pallas, 1778.
Citation:Nova Spec. Quad. Glir. Ord.: 17.
Type Locality:"Caeterum in montibus aprecis campisque rupestribus vel arenosis circa Selengam..." Restricted by Ognev (1940:162) to "...valley of the Selenga River...." [Russia]. According to Ellerman and Morrison-Scott (1951:430) the type locality is "Adinscholo Mountain, near Tchinden [Chinden = Chindant], on Borsja [Boriya] River, a tributary of the Onon River, Eastern Siberia." This locality is more than 700 km east of the Selenga River.



    butlerowi Bogdanov, 1882
    gobicus Satunin, 1907
    huangshuiensis Luo, 1982
    kessleri Bogdanov, 1882

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